The Ingredients that Make Smarties so Smart

The Ingredients that Make Smarties so Smart

Hello there! Have you ever wondered what makes Smarties so smart? Or how they get those vibrant colors and irresistible crunch? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the magic behind these colorful, flavorful candies. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious, you’re in for a treat!

The History of Smarties Candy

Smarties are a colorful and delicious candy that has been satisfying sweet tooths for decades. They were first created in 1937 by Edward Dee, son of William Dee who founded the Rowntree’s confectionery company in the UK. Edward Dee came up with the idea for Smarties after witnessing soldiers during the Spanish Civil War eating candy-coated pills that were used to treat dysentery. He decided to create a similar candy but with a much tastier filling – chocolate!

The first Smarties candies were sold in the UK in 1937 and they were an instant hit. However, they looked quite different than the Smarties we know today. They were tube-shaped and were sold in cylindrical cardboard tubes, similar to those used for coins. These early Smarties only came in three flavors – orange, lemon, and lime. The colorful candy shell was also slightly dusted with sugar, which gave it a unique texture.

During the 1940s, World War II caused a shortage of ingredients, which forced Rowntree’s to halt production of Smarties. However, they were back in production by the 1950s and had undergone a few changes. They were now round-shaped and were sold in cylindrical plastic tubes instead of cardboard. New flavors had been added too, such as cherry, strawberry, and pineapple.

Smarties continued to evolve and become more popular throughout the 1960s and 70s. They expanded their flavor options and introduced new packaging, including theater-style boxes and single serving packets. In the 1980s, Smarties made their way across the pond and started being sold in the United States.

One of the most significant changes to Smarties came in the 2000s, when Rowntree’s was acquired by Nestle. The candy shell changed from being slightly dusted with sugar to a matte finish. Additionally, chocolate filling in each Smarties candy was improved to achieve a more balanced taste between the chocolate and candy shell.

Today, Smarties continue to be a beloved candy enjoyed by people of all ages all around the world. They now come in a variety of packaging options, such as rolls, mini boxes, and bags. They’ve even expanded to include seasonal and holiday-themed candies like Easter Smarties and Halloween Smarties. Smarties have been around for over 80 years, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Smarties Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Smarties are colorful candy-coated chocolates that have been a beloved treat for generations. They are produced by Nestle, and over the years, the brand has extended its range to include chocolate bars, Easter eggs, and Halloween candies. Smarties come in tubes, bags, and boxes of various sizes, and their vibrant packaging evokes a sense of fun and excitement. However, when it comes to the ingredients and nutritional information of Smarties, what are the facts? Here is everything you need to know:


The ingredients of Smarties vary slightly depending on the product type and size. However, the main ingredients are milk chocolate, sugar, corn syrup, coloring agents, and artificial flavors. The milk chocolate contains cocoa solids, milk fat, and soy lecithin, which is added to help emulsify the ingredients. Sugar provides sweetness and bulk, while corn syrup serves as a binding agent. Coloring agents are used to give Smarties their signature bright colors, with some of the most popular colors being red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. The artificial flavors are added to enhance the taste of the candy, and they can range from fruity to minty to chocolatey.

It’s worth noting that while Smarties contain milk chocolate, they don’t contain any nuts or nut-based ingredients. This makes them a safe option for people with nut allergies, as long as they don’t have any other allergies or sensitivities to the listed ingredients.

Nutritional Information

Smarties are a sweet indulgence, but how do they stack up in terms of nutrition? Here is a breakdown of the nutritional information of one standard serving size, which is around 15 pieces of Smarties (40 grams):

  • Calories: 180
  • Total fat: 6 grams
  • Saturated fat: 4 grams
  • Trans fat: 0 grams
  • Cholesterol: 5 milligrams
  • Sodium: 50 milligrams
  • Total Carbohydrate: 30 grams
  • Dietary fiber: 1 gram
  • Total sugars: 25 grams
  • Protein: 1 gram

As you can see from the nutritional information, Smarties are high in calories, sugar, and fat. They have moderate levels of sodium and carbohydrates and a low amount of dietary fiber and protein. Smarties are not a health food, and they should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. For individuals with special dietary needs or who are watching their calorie or sugar intake, it’s crucial to read the label and pay attention to serving sizes.

It’s also worth noting that while Smarties don’t contain any nuts, they are manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts and tree nuts. Individuals with severe nut allergies should be cautious before consuming Smarties or any other Nestle candy product and should consult with their doctor.


Smarties are a fun and colorful candy that has stood the test of time. While they are not a particularly nutritious choice, they can be an enjoyable treat in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Knowing the ingredients and nutritional information of Smarties can help you make informed choices about your snacks and ensure that you are staying within your dietary needs and preferences. So go ahead and enjoy your Smarties, just be sure to keep an eye on your portion sizes and indulge in moderation!

How are Smarties Made: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Smarties, those small, sugary sweets that come in a rainbow of colors, are a staple of childhood candy dishes. They’re often used as toppings for cakes and cupcakes, and they’re even a favorite among some adults. While they may seem simple, each Smartie is the result of a complex process that involves a variety of ingredients, machinery, and skilled workers. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Smarties are made.

The Ingredients

The primary ingredients in a Smartie are sugar, corn syrup, and natural and artificial flavorings and colors. The sugar and corn syrup form the base of the candy, while the flavorings and colors give Smarties their distinctive taste and appearance. Smarties are also free of most common allergens such as peanuts and gluten, making them a popular choice for people with dietary restrictions. Every ingredient used in Smarties is carefully sourced and tested to ensure that it meets the company’s high standards.

Once the ingredients are gathered, they are mixed in a large vat until they form a sticky, sugary paste. This paste is then dyed a variety of colors, depending on the flavor. After the dye is added, the mixture is heated until it becomes pliable enough to be molded into the small, round discs that we know as Smarties. It’s important to note that every batch of Smarties is made fresh, so each candy is as tasty as possible.

The Manufacturing Process

After the sugar mixture is heated and dyed, it’s time to move on to the manufacturing process. The sugar paste is fed through a machine that molds it into long, thin rods. These rods are then cut into small pieces, each one about the size of a pea. This is where the colors and flavors really come into play. As each piece of candy is cut, it’s sprayed with a burst of flavored and colored powder, which gives each Smartie its distinctive appearance and taste. This process repeats until the entire batch of candy is complete.

Meanwhile, other machines are hard at work packaging the Smarties. Each candy is carefully placed into a plastic wrapper, and then the wrappers are sealed into long, thin rolls. These rolls are then packed into boxes, ready to be shipped to stores and candy lovers everywhere.

The Finished Product

After the Smarties have completed the manufacturing process, they’re ready to be enjoyed! Each Smartie is sweet and crunchy, with a burst of flavor that varies depending on the color. Orange Smarties taste like oranges, while red Smarties taste like cherries. The candy is often used as a treat during Halloween or as party favors, as well as a decorative topping for cakes and cupcakes.

Smarties are a beloved candy, and it’s easy to see why. From the carefully sourced ingredients to the complex manufacturing process, each Smartie is a tiny masterpiece. So next time you pop one into your mouth, take a moment to appreciate the skill and dedication that goes into each and every candy.

Variations on the Classic Smarties Recipe

The classic Smarties recipe has been a crowd favorite for generations. Smarties candies are colorful and fun, and the sweet taste of the candy satisfies every sweet tooth. But did you know that there are variations to the classic Smarties recipe? Here are some Smarties candies that come in different flavors and styles:

Smarties Xtreme Sour

If you love sour candies, then Smarties Xtreme Sour is definitely something you need to try. The Xtreme Sour Smarties are tangy and have an extra kick of sourness that will make your taste buds tingle.

The Xtreme Sour Smarties come in an assortment of colors and flavors that are all sour. You can enjoy blue raspberry, watermelon, and lemon to make your everyday routine more exciting. If regular Smarties are too sweet for you, give these a try for a pucker-worthy experience.

Smarties Tropical Flavors

Do you want to feel like you’re on a tropical island without leaving your room? Then Smarties Tropical Flavors are just the candies for you.

These candies are a good mix of fruity flavors that will take you on a journey to the islands. From tangy pineapple to sweet mango, the tropical flavors of Smarties will make your taste buds fall in love.

Smarties Bubble Gum Balls

What’s better than Smarties candy? Smarties Bubble Gum Balls that you can chew on! These bubble gum balls come in several smartie colors, such as purple grape, pink strawberry, and red cherry.

You can enjoy the same Smarties flavor you know and love, with an added twist of bubble gum. These candies also come in a fun and colorful tube so you can carry them with you wherever you go.

Smarties Candy Canes

Get into the festive spirit with Smarties Candy Canes. These yummy treats come in traditional candy cane shape but are flavored with Smarties candy.

These candy canes come in red, green, and white colors. You’ll love the sweet, fruity flavor of Smarties that come in a fun cane shape.

Smarties Mega Lollies

Do you want a larger-sized Smarties candy? Then Smarties Mega Lollies are just for you. These lollipops come in an assortment of flavors such as cherry, orange, and grape, and there’s an extra treat right in the center- a chewy Smarties candy.

The Mega Lollies are colorful and come in a spiral shape that makes them look fun and playful. They’re perfect for parties, or a satisfying sweet treat anytime.

In conclusion, Smarties candies come in several styles that offer variations from the classic Smarties recipe. From extra sour to tropical flavors, Smarties has something for everyone. So, go on and try something new with your favorite childhood candy.

Fun and Creative Ways to Use Smarties in Baking and Desserts

Smarties are not just your ordinary candy. It’s an essential ingredient in creating colorful and exciting desserts. From simple sprinkling to intricate cake decorations, let’s take a look at five fun and creative ways to use Smarties in baking and desserts!

1. Smarties Cupcakes

Satisfy your sweet cravings with these Smarties cupcakes. Start by preparing your usual vanilla or chocolate cupcake batter and add crushed Smarties. Stir the mixture thoroughly, and bake it as instructed. Once cooled, top it off with buttercream, whipped cream, or cream cheese frosting. To make it even more attractive, put a whole Smarties candy on top, or you can also make colorful patterns using Smarties.

2. Smarties Popcorn

Elevate the experience of watching movies at home with Smarties popcorn. Pop your corn kernels as usual, then melt some butter and pour it over the popcorn. Add crushed Smarties to the popcorn and mix thoroughly. If you want an extra pop of color and flavor, sprinkle some Smarties on top before serving.

3. Smarties Fudge

Indulge in this delightful Smarties fudge that is easy to make. Start by making a classic fudge base, which typically involves mixing condensed milk, sugar, and butter in a saucepan over low heat. Once the mixture is smooth and melted, add crushed Smarties and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into a lined dish and put it in the fridge to cool. Once firm, remove it from the dish and chop into bite-size pieces.

4. Smarties Cheesecake

Make your cheesecake extra special with the colorful and fun Smarties candies. Start by preparing your cheesecake base, which typically involves mixing cream cheese, sugar, and eggs with an electric mixer. Once smooth and consistent, add the crushed Smarties to the cheesecake mixture. Pour the mixture into a crust of your choice, then bake for around 30 minutes. Once cooled, decorate with whole Smarties candy, and serve chilled.

5. Smarties Bark

This Smarties bark recipe is perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings without overindulging. Start by melting your preferred chocolate flavor in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Once melted, pour the chocolate onto parchment paper-lined baking sheet, then sprinkle crushed Smarties on top of the melted chocolate. Put the sheet in the fridge to cool and harden. Once firm, remove the bark from the sheet and break it into bite-sized pieces.

Look no further if you need a fun and creative way to incorporate the colorful Smarties in your baking and desserts. From cupcakes to popcorn, the options are limitless. So have fun experimenting with these recipes and discover more ways to use Smarties to make your desserts even more delicious and visually appealing!

So there you have it! The secret behind the delicious and colorful candies we all know and love – Smarties. From the natural flavors and colors to the precise manufacturing process, every aspect of Smarties is carefully crafted for an exceptional taste experience. Not only are they fun to eat, but they are also gluten-free, vegan, and free of the top 8 major allergens. Smarties are truly smart![/p]

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