Definition of Unofficial Letter: Characteristics, Functions, and Examples


Definition of Unofficial Letter: Characteristics, Functions, and Examples

Definition of Unofficial Letter
Written by ziaggi

Definition of an informal letter – Hello, Grameds friends , have you ever made an informal letter? Unofficial and official letters in today’s digital world are easy to find.

Most have used chat applications, such as Whatsapp, Michat, messenger, telegram and others. So that the letter that used to be a medium for exchanging messages and information has been threatened with extinction. One of them is an unofficial letter.

Even though letters have different things from a chat application which seems very simple and does not exploit the imagination of a message sender (chat application user).

In contrast to those who write letters, they are more flexible in incorporating elements of soul and emotion into each sentence. So the effect was very clear in antiquity that there were many writers who could be trusted, many good writers were found in the world of fiction. Maybe one of the reasons is because they are used to sending letters.

Come on Grameds friends , let’s learn more about the meaning of letters. A letter is a means of written communication that functions as a means of conveying information, statements or messages from one party to another.

The contents of the letter include the obligation to operate with certain forms. The information conveyed by the sender of the letter can be in the form of notifications, statements, orders, requests or reports relating to an activity or event.

The exchange of information that occurs between the parties involved is called correspondence or correspondence. We can also conclude that correspondence is one of the language activities carried out in written communication.

This time Gramedia will discuss the meaning of informal letters, their characteristics, functions and examples. The characteristics, functions and examples of informal letters are different from official letters or official letters.

From a writing point of view, it is already different, informal letters are often used on behalf of individuals. While official letters are often used on behalf of government agencies and other organizations. This informal letter often uses language that is not standard, ordinary language depending on the mood of the writer.

Definition of Unofficial Letter

Definition of Unofficial Letter


Unofficial letter is a letter that can be used for purposes or situations that are not official.

Examples of informal letters include correspondence for the purpose of friendship or friendship, letters used to share news with parents or family who are far away, and so on.

Maybe you wrote an informal letter when you were in school. For example, you are dating a classmate (maybe it happened to the older generation who are not used to chat apps).

Informal letters are usually written in simple or everyday language. This means you don’t need to use standard language. An informal letter doesn’t have the same special writing requirements as a formal letter.

Definition of Unofficial Letter

An important point when writing an informal letter is that the recipient can easily understand what you are writing or the message you want to convey through an informal letter. So what are the characteristics of an informal letter?

Characteristics of an Unofficial Letter

The characteristics of an informal letter are very different from the official letters that we often see or receive from offices, governments or official organizations. There are important differences between official and informal letters, which Grameds should know about.

The following are the characteristics of an informal letter:

  • Not equipped with letterhead (letterhead)
  • Language doesn’t have to be standard
  • No number of letters
  • Informal greeting and closing
  • Use language according to the tastes of the author
  • free format

Unofficial Letter Function

The function of an informal letter is more unique than a formal letter because it has a different purpose and function. Feelings of sympathy, empathy, and a sense of belonging represent the function of the informal letter itself. For example, when the writer misses his friends, family or even his girlfriend. Sometimes it is also used to criticize government activities or policies that are not in accordance with the conditions of society.

Here are some of the functions of an informal letter:

  • As a means of expressing love and longing
  • As the deputy author
  • As a means of conveying ideas and concepts
  • Develop writing and language skills

Types of Unofficial Letters

After Grameds already knows the meaning, characteristics, and functions of an informal letter. Now, let’s find out what types of informal letters are. The type or purpose of an informal letter usually adjusts to the needs and contents of the author’s heart.

The following are the types of informal letters:

  • Letters to family
  • Friendship letter
  • Fraternity letter
  • Open letter on social media
  • Notification letter via chat application
  • Letters of longing for relatives
  • Letter to boyfriend

Unofficial Letter Structure

Unofficial letters are not part of official letters or official letters. However, the writing still has certain parts. Well, the structure or part of an informal letter includes:

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  • Place or address and date of writing, usually the author includes the city where and the date the author wrote the letter.
  • Place or address and date of writing, usually the author includes the city where and the date the author wrote the letter.
  • Greetings can be written, such as hello, hi, best wishes, sweet wishes, nostalgic greetings.
  • The opening paragraph or sentence of the letter usually contains a special greeting that the author often uses to the recipient of the letter.
  • The body of the letter contains the message or information conveyed by the author, which is the core of the letter.
  • The closing paragraph is usually written as a closing salutation to end the letter.
  • Closing.
  • Sender’s name and signature.

Example of an Unofficial Letter

Grameds friends , writing an informal letter is very simple, you know. Because it contains thoughts and feelings that we want to convey to the recipient. We like chatting with them face to face, but by writing letters. So, what are some examples of informal letters? The following is an example that Gramedia provides.

1. An example of an informal letter asking for news

Jakarta, 29 December 2022

For Dina Noviana

In Tangerang

Hi my life friend, 

How are you? I’m fine, even though you haven’t asked how I’m doing haha, btw happy new year Dina!!!! Hopefully this year is better. Sorry I haven’t updated you for a long time, because I was busy in Jakarta.

But I didn’t forget to write you a letter, even though it took me a while to reply hehehe. 

Like yesterday, we went through difficult times together to graduate high school, studied together, did homework together, even chose the same major, even though we were in different campuses 🙁

This is the 4th year we are both struggling on our respective campuses and for the last two years we have had to study from home due to the pandemic.

Definition of Unofficial Letter

Oh yes, next month I will have my final exam, please pray for me, I hope it goes smoothly until the trial, and I get the best score.

I hope it gets to you as soon as possible, I’m also looking forward to hearing from you and I’m sorry I didn’t see your message haha. Have a nice day, waiting for your feedback, see you soon!

Greetings from the sweetest, 

Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

2. Examples of Informal Letters Expressing Missing Feelings

Jakarta, 29 December 2022

For Mom and Dad

In Pontianak

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. 

Happy New Year Mom and Dad, I miss you so much. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to go home this year to my mother and father’s house because of the pandemic that never subsides. As you know, I long to see my mom and dad again. 

Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t need to worry about my health because I am currently working from home and following the correct health care procedures.

I also work hard to take my vitamins and exercise at home to strengthen my immune system. However, perhaps if I went back to my parents we would indeed bring the naughty kids with us, so we all had to hold back to achieve this common good.

Keep respecting the health protocol, ma’am, and also stay at home, God willing, we can meet again if the virus chain is broken.

 We hope you are staying healthy and protected from all diseases and viruses, and I hope this pandemic will pass quickly so that we can meet face to face… Greetings miss you :).

Mother’s and Father’s children

Saleh Nur Shaifullah

3. Examples of Unofficial Letters for People Already Abroad

Moscow, 29 December 2022

Dear my teacher

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

Hello, Mrs. Enggar, how are you? I hope that you will always have the strength and courage to live your life. Approximately, do you still remember me? I’m Satrio, your student who always annoyed you in high school. 

About six years ago, my mother used to yell at me and it made me very happy and that moment became a turning point in my life and made me love life even more.

Mom, do you still remember? At that time my mother was out of class for a while because she wanted to take care of some things outside, then the class immediately became lively. My friends and I were playing our mobile games laughing and screaming.

Then the whole class fell silent because my teacher passed by, but I was still screaming because of the game I was playing. Mom finally came up behind me and nudged my shoulder and smiled. 

Then the whole class fell silent because my teacher passed by, and I was still screaming at the game I was playing. Mom finally came up behind me and nudged my shoulder and smiled. But I thought he was a friend so I got mad. Then one day, I was skipping school with my friend to play a game at a rental place.

My Edgar’s mother was really having a hard time going and came to see me asking me to go back to school immediately. But I still ignored my mother’s orders and continued to watch television.

Mother immediately listened to me very hard because I didn’t follow your advice at all. Playing games is fine, but you also have to remember that your job is to learn.

If you skip school, you blame your parents… I know you’re a good kid, of course you don’t want to see your parents sad right?

Maybe for others what he taught is just old advice, but for me it touched me once and I still remember it vividly to this day. Maybe if it weren’t for my mother coming to pinch my ears, I would have failed.

I really wanted to meet you in person and say thank you. But it seems circumstances still don’t allow it. Thank God I work at the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands. 

 I would like to meet you personally and thank you, but circumstances don’t seem to allow it. So through this letter I want to thank you, all I can do is always pray for you, you are still healthy so I can visit you.

Nothing is permanent in this world, but your devotion and dedication as a teacher will always be remembered. Thank you, Mrs Enggar. 

Your student who is naughty but still handsome,

Satrio Anggoro

4. Examples of Informal Letters To Friends

Pontianak, 29 December 2022

Dear my childhood friend,

Daffa Priest 

In place

Literary Life!

That’s the slogan of my major, sounds tough right? Haha. You should listen to it live once in a while, you’ll be surprised because we’re far away when we enter different campuses, usually we’re busy with each other and focused on our own dreams. But of course we went through school together and hung out with my friends, Daffa.

I can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in 4 years. We’ve known each other since we lived on the same island haha. I am so happy to hear from you, you may not believe it but it’s true. 

Currently, I am also writing my thesis for final review, maybe in a few weeks. But there’s no exact date yet, I’ll let you know after the trial period is over, so pray for me too, just pray for me hahaha.

I hope your thesis goes well and your trial goes well, I know very well that someone like you can surely answer the interrogation because you are such a hard worker but still I want to wish you all the best, Always be healthy 

My greetings are as sweet as sugar,

Pandu Akram

5. Examples of Unofficial Letters to Parents

Jakarta, 25 January 2020

Dear Mother, 

In place

hi bun, 

I know you want me to live with you and work in Surabaya so I don’t have to live alone in the capital, but now I want to build a career as best I can. I have been working in Jakarta for 6 months and everything is fine so you don’t have to worry. 

Actually, I am writing to let you know that I will have a job in the Surabaya area for a week, which will allow me to visit my mother for a few days.

I’m going to Surabaya in 2 weeks, my younger siblings can’t wait to eat rice made by mom to help me clean the house hehe.

Definition of Unofficial Letter

 When this letter arrives, please reply to my mother, so I will also know what is your news and what do you want to bring, say hello to her and brother. Say that I miss you hehe.

Greetings from your son, 

Sara Dwi Anjani


This is an overview of the meaning of informal letters, their characteristics, functions, examples. For Grameds who want to know more about the definition of informal letters and other letters, you can visit to get related books.

As #FriendsWithoutLimits, Gramedia always provides the best products, so you have the best and latest information for you. To support Grameds in adding insight, Gramedia always provides quality and original books so that Grameds has #MoreWithReading information.

Author: Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran


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